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Jishu Gakuya Japanese Language School

Established in 1989, Shugakukai Japanese Language School is a specialised Japanese language teaching institution which has been providing professional Japanese language teaching and school guidance services to students of various universities. Since the establishment of the school, it has provided a great deal of support and cooperation to many students who have gone to Japan to study at Japanese universities and research institutes.
After graduating from our school, students can choose to continue to study in Japan at the university or research institute, and after graduating, they can use their proficient Japanese language and study skills to work in Japan or return to their home country, and continue to create value in their own field.

School guidance

The school has specialised academic advisors to provide individual guidance for students entering institutes, universities and vocational schools. We will give you all the guidance you need to make the right decision about the school you wish to enter, how to fill out and submit your application form, how to practice for the interview, and how to revise your essay.

Career guidance

For those students who wish to get a job after graduating, our school will provide job guidance and assistance to those who wish to work with us, such as our partners or other companies that invite our candidates.
When I was in high school and middle school, I had a dream of going to university in Japan. I have a dream of going to university in Japan.
2017 Graduates
I have chosen this school because I feel that I can make friends from different countries and experience a lot of Japanese traditional culture. I'm sure I can learn and improve my Japanese...
Graduates 2019
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