▏ Daily itinerary

If you have a student visa and start living in Japan, what kind of life will you have?
If you have a visa, you will have to live in Japan at different times of the day and for different reasons.
Here, we will introduce you to the life of an international student.

Time Type Action
7:00 Getting up Getting up
7:30 Early supper Early meal times
8:00 Preparation for lessons Check the school's schedule for the current day
9:10 上课 Start class
12:40 下课 Class finishes
13:00 Lunch Japanese students eat lunch together
14:30 Business Before going to work, I had to copy my work at school.
16:00 Start of construction Using Japanese language and Japanese people from other countries to work together
20:00 Evening meal Evening meal times
21:00 The end of construction A day's work
22:00 预习和复习 Before going to sleep
24:00 Sleeping Going to bed