Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jishugakuya Japanese Language School

Junharu Yamaguchi

Message from the Director

 Established in 1989, this is a school for teaching Japanese to young people from overseas who wish to study in Japan.

 Language is one of the most important means of communication between nations and people. In the age of internationalisation, it is essential to exhibit the importance of words. In the age of internationalisation, it is essential to develop words that have an important role to play.

 After graduating, they will be able to use their knowledge of Japanese language and specialties to find employment in Japanese companies, or return to their home country to pursue international activities in their own fields.

 Japan is a nation that has developed economically and become a developed country. However, in the past and in the present, we all need to learn about many things in the world. As for the other side, I think that young people from overseas should learn about Japan. Japan alone has the world's greatest economy, nature and culture. As well as that, we also believe that young people from overseas should study in Japan.

 The aim of our school is to help students learn Japanese, but also to cultivate their understanding of Japanese culture and customs, so that they can make a contribution to international society in the future. I hope that by studying at this school, I will be able to become a successful international person in the future.