Short course

Characteristics of the short courses offered at Halls of Residence

1、Excellent price, reasonable price.
2、Small group lessons, easy to study.
3、Short term courses for foreign students in Japan.


Those who have graduated from elementary or junior high school in their home country and wish to go on to senior high school in Japan
If you are graduating from high school in Japan and wish to study at a Japanese university or professional school.
If you wish to study Japanese, please submit your visa for exclusion from work.
If you have Japanese language ability and wish to live in Japan


Class days are from the first to the fifth week of the month.
Classes are not held on weekends, holidays or long weekends.

Class times

Noon Afternoon
9:10 - 12:40 13:10 - 16:40
tuition fee

1、Entrance fee 0RMB
2、1 month 35,000 yuan
3、Course book fee 5,000-6,000 RMB (actual international fee)
To be exempted for 3 months prior to lesson start date, 10% exempted (94,500yen)
For short term lesson consultation, please contact us at any time.